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Send a Retirement Postcard to Boxer!


Carly Fiorina just announced, via Twitter, a new site:

The site features four e-postcards that can be sent to Sen. Barbara Boxer, showing her cavorting in the glamorous locations of Paris, London, Mexico, and Spain. But these aren’t all random locations — some of them are places Sen. Boxer has visited on trips funded by special interests. “Since 2000, Barbara Boxer has had to go on 18 special-interest funded trips to … far-flung destinations,” the site announces. “But since she was probably too busy to enjoy herself during these junkets, you can help Boxer decide which of these exotic locations she should return to once the people of California send her into retirement on November 2.”

And for those who haven’t tired of the famous clip of Boxer asking a general to call her senator, not ma’am (a moment featured prominently in Fiorina’s latest ad), the postcard messages include a couple more jabs. “In case you’re wondering, Parisians pride themselves on their polite demeanors, so I’m sure they’ll remember not to call you Madame,” reads one postcard. And the British postcard is just as direct: “As a former Senator, maybe while you’re there you can visit with the Queen. Respectfully, she asks that she be called Your Majesty. You understand, right? Cheerio!”


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