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Shocker: Video Clip Shows O’Donnell in Agreement with Most Parents


Another old video clip of Christine O’Donnell has surfaced. In this one, she argues in favor of teen abstinence. An incredulous safe-sex advocate asked her if she would “stop the whole country from having sex?” O’Donnell replied “Yes,” and continued on to say that “I’m a young woman in my thirties and I remain chaste. It’s unrealistic to think they’re just going to do it anyway. Kids are not just dogs in heat.” Here’s the clip:

Predictably, it’s already earned O’Donnell jeers from liberals. The Huffington Post commented that “her desire to stop the unmarried masses from making sweet, sweet love to one another was astoundingly ambitious.” It’s worth noting, though, that as late as 2008, over 70 percent of parents approved or strongly approved of abstinence-focused sex ed, according to a Zogby poll.

More Delaware news:

—  O’Donnell has hired Fred Davis (of demon sheep fame) to produce some commercials for her.

●  She’s also retained a prominent Washington lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, to handle the legal issues relating to past campaign money misuse allegations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

●  Delaware Republican party spokesman Thomas Doheny is leaving his job. According to the New York Times, he “spent the weeks before the primary feeding reporters unflattering tidbits about Ms. O’Donnell’s questionable financial history, past campaign snafus and eye-catching statements.” Doheny has already lined up his next gig: handling communications for a group of GOP congressional candidates in Pennsylvania.

● The First Amendment Alliance, a conservative group, announced that they would run a TV commercial “highlighting Democrat nominee Chris Coon’s abysmal record as County executive; including three significant property tax hikes, one of which was 25%; and his endorsement of the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill.” Watch it here:


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