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New Poll Gives Castle 5 Percent of Votes in Write-in Candidacy


According to the results from a Rasmussen poll released today, Mike Castle’s potential write-in candidacy would net him only five percent of voters. Chris Coons would win with 49 percent, while Christine O’Donnell would trail behind at 40 percent.

When pollsters asked Castle supporters who they would vote for in the current race, “virtually all” said Coons or that they hadn’t decided.

The results are in stark contrast to New York Times political analyst Nate Silver’s prediction that a Castle write-in candidacy would result in a three-way race, with each candidate likely getting somewhere between 29 to 37 percent of the vote. (For more on that — and why Delaware’s small size might make a write-in campaign more viable than it could be in most states — check out my article on the home page, How O’Donnell Can Do It.)

More Delaware updates:

— The American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord reports on Coons’s claim that he will “apply the principles and values that were honed at the [Yale Divinity School]” to his senate career.  He’s also interested in “values-based leadership.”

● O’Donnell’s past statements continue to be an object of fascination for the Left. Bill Maher released another clip, where O’Donnell says that “evolution is a myth.”  Saturday Night Live’s season premiere this Saturday included a skit mocking O’Donnell’s beliefs on masturbation, her teenage encounter with witchcraft, and also satirized that she had run a dog-fighting ring and burned down a house.

● Former GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole endorsed O’Donnell over the weekend, saying in his statement that “the primary is over and in my opinion it is time for voters to join hands and support Christine O’Donnell.  The Delaware seat is important and the winner in November could well determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate.”


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