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Rasmussen: Rossi, Murray Tied


The latest Rasmussen poll of the Washington Senate race shows Dino Rossi neck and neck with incumbent Patty Murray.

The survey of 750 likely voters shows Rossi with 48 percent, Murray with 47 percent, echoing the results of a Fox News poll earlier this week that prompted RealClearPolitics to move the race back into the “Toss Up” column.

The results indicate a considerable tightening of the race compared to a Rasmussen poll from two weeks ago that had Murray leading 51 percent to 46 percent.

A member of the Rossi campaign told Battle ‘10 the Republican looks to be in very good shape heading into the final month:

“The single most dangerous time for challenger candidates is September.  Voters have started paying attention and incumbents can use their financial advantage to open up a big gap by defining their opponent, the race, etc.  [Murray] didn’t do that.  The race fundamentals have remained where they were – voters are frustrated with the direction of the country, with Congress, with the issue set.  We are where we need to be entering October.”

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