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Angle Talks Policy, Takes Questions at GOP Rally in Mesquite


A reporter in Mesquite has a nice local write-up about Sharron Angle’s remarks during a visit to rural Mesquite this week. The Republican Women’s Club co-sponsored the rally along with the Mesquite Tea Party Patriots and a group called Friends of the Founding Fathers. Mesquite is about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Notably, Mesquite mayor Susan Holecheck, who is listed on the Republicans for Reid page of Harry Reid’s campaign website, spoke at the event. She reportedly talked primarily a Republican state assembly candidate who had been slated to attend but was not present, saying little about Angle.


Angle shared personal history that is by now familiar to most Nevadans, including a mention of how she felt government got between her and her son when she decided to homeschool him years ago at the age of six. Angle reiterated that she wants cuts made to the Department of Education in order to give more control over education to the states, as well as wishing to do away with federal “one-size-fits-all policies that fit no one.”

Angle also talked about the many reasons she thinks Harry Reid’s time ought to be past and tapped her “Cut back, pay back and take back” mantra, a commonly used tag line throughout her campaign.

In addition, she mentioned having personal retirement accounts in lieu of the current Social Security system, paying down the deficit, extending the Bush tax cuts, lowering the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, and repealing the health care reform bill (which reportedly earned her the loudest applause of the afternoon).


An audit of the Federal Reserve was also mentioned along with less regulation of business. Angle also said she supports the enactment of a “single subject rule” that would bar lawmakers from adding pork and unrelated amendments to bills working their way through Congress.


Angle took questions from the crowd with few surprises, except perhaps for a humorous remark about Sarah Palin when a supporter commented that Angle was talking without a tele-prompter and Angle quipped, “No notes on my hand, either.”

When asked about “Muslims taking over the “U.S.” and her stance on the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, Angle mentioned Dearborn, Michigan and Frankford, Texas as municipalities where there are concerns with the rule of Sharia vs. local law. She added that she is a “personal property rights defender” and said the owners of the mosque parcel “have every right to build whatever they want there” but went on to say they have a “responsibility” that goes along with that right.

She also expressed agreement with Nevada voters who passed a constitutional amendment “by 70 percent” in 2002 stating that marriage is between a man and a women.

Angle acknowledged that she won’t have much clout as a junior senator and will not be in control of her committee assignments if elected. The admission confirmed one of Harry Reid’s main criticisms of Angle, which is that she she will have little to no power if elected.



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