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New Fiorina Ad: Boxer Is “Crushing Hopes”


In a stark, Depression-reminiscent, new ad, GOP candidate Carly Fiorina’s campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee warn Californians that the state “cannot afford Boxer for six more long years.” Announcing that “after 28 long years of Washington partisanship, this is Barbara Boxer’s California,” the ad shows a series of desolate visuals in black and white: farmers against a bare field, a U.S. flag by a tent-filled landscape, and the face of a glum man pondering. Boxer is charged with “trillions in reckless, wasteful spending; destroying small business; killing jobs,” and “crushing hopes.” “We can change this,” the narrator promises, as a brief, colored image of D.C. appears. “But only if we change the people we send to Washington.”


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