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Franken to Campaign for Coons


The Delaware Democratic Party announced today that Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn.) will campaign in Delaware this Thursday for Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons. The event will be a “meet-and-greet for campaign volunteers,” blogged Coons campaign manager Christy Gleason.  Franken “will talk to volunteers about why our race is so important and how volunteers can make the difference on November 2.”

Franken has already penned one fundraising letter for Coons, where he said that “Delaware Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell’s political beliefs and moral values are at odds with not only national progressives — but also the majority of Delaware voters.” O’Donnell’s “radical opinions,” Franken argued, “have Palin’s extremists from across the country flooding her campaign with money,” a reference to the approximately $2 million O’Donnell raised shortly after her primary win. 

“While O’Donnell floods the airwaves with misleading ads,” Franken continued, “Chris Coons is talking to Delaware voters about real American values — like how we’re going to keep fixing our economy and putting Americans back to work. But unless we can compete with Sarah Palin’s well-funded buddies, that message won’t be heard.”


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