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New Raese Ad: ‘Rubber Stamp Joe’


In a new ad, as reported by Politico, West Virginia GOP senate candidate John Raese ties Democratic candidate Gov. Joe Manchin’s 2009 Renewable Energy and Portfolio Act to President Obama’s proposed cap-and-trade policy.

Beginning with the statement that “Obama said that he wants to tax coal even to bankruptcy,” the ad argues that a cap-and-trade policy would destroy the coal industry — and cause job losses. “Listen to ‘Rubber Stamp Joe Manchin,’” the narrator urges, explaining that Manchin supports a carbon tax. Cutting to a clip of Manchin saying that “they are going to have to pay for the carbons whether a cap-and-trade or whether it’s in a carbon tax,” the narrator incredulously asks, “A carbon tax?”

“Manchin’s already signed West Virginia’s cap-and-trade into law,” the ad continues, referencing the 2009 legislation.

“It’s time we say no to ‘Rubber Stamp Joe,’” the narrator concludes. Raese, after approving the message, adds, “I won’t be a rubber stamp to Barack Obama.”

While Raese has been working to convince voters that Manchin’s renewable energy law is very similar to Obama’s cap-and-trade law, the West Virginia law doesn’t seem to have been as strongly opposed. The West Virginia Coal Association endorsed Manchin for senate, and praised him for “oppos[ing] any form of Cap & Trade legislation that threatens the jobs that our coal mining families depend on for their livelihoods.”


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