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New Poll Shows Boxer Only Three Points Ahead


As noted by Battle 10’s Andrew Stiles, a new SurveyUSA poll shows that Sen. Barbara Boxer is backed by 46 percent of  Californians, just three percentage points ahead of GOP senate candidate Carly Fiorina. Considering that recent polls before this showed Fiorina about six, seven points behind Boxer, this is a significant narrowing of the gap.

Fiorina press secretary Andrea Saul tells Battle ’10 that Boxer “is losing support because voters see right through her cynical election year tactics,” despite Boxer spending “millions of dollars attacking Carly.”

“We have just begun our effort to educate voters about Boxer’s 28 years of failure to deliver for the people of California, including her decades of support for job-killing policies of higher taxes, thicker regulations, and unprecedented national debt, which is at the heart of this election,” Saul added. “As Election Day approaches and voters learn more about Carly and her commonsense problem solving approach and focus on working across the aisle to get things done, we expect this trend to continue.”

The Boxer campaign did not immediately respond to Battle ‘10’s comment request.


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