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Coons: Calling Me a Bearded Marxist Isn’t Bipartisan


In an online chat hosted by The News Journal, a Delaware paper, Democratic senate candidate Chris Coons argued that he and President Obama have policy differences.

Writing that “drilling off the coast is bad for our state and our country,” Coons said that he disagrees with Obama’s plan to allow new oil exploration along the East coast.

Coons also disapproved of how the Obama handled the bank bailouts, saying that “the Obama administration could have done a better job when they came in of making it more accountable and transparent.”

He also indicated that he’s frustrated by all the “bearded Marixt” references. “The people online and in the national news media who continue to spin the story about my allegedly having been a ‘bearded Marxist’ in college — which is patently untrue — aren’t interested in bi-partisan solutions, but they also don’t represent all Republicans or Independents,” Coons said.

The reference comes from an article Coons wrote while in college.


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