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NRSC Launches New West Virginia Ad


The National Republican Senatorial Committee has released a new ad in West Virginia that continues the theme that Democratic candidate Gov. Joe Manchin would be a “rubber stamp” for Obama.

Featuring a trio of guys, casually dressed in plaid shirts and baseball caps and sitting in a diner setting, the ad targets the 66 percent of voters who approve of Manchin’s job performance as governor. “Obama’s messing things up,” one guy says, shaking his head. “Spending money we don’t have,” chimes in a different guy. “Stimulus, Obamacare.”

“And Joe Manchin supported it all,” responds the first man.

“Joe’s not bad as governor,” declares the second fellow. “But when he’s with Obama …”

“He turns into ‘Washington Joe,’” announces the first guy, holding up his fingers to signal scare quotes.

“And Washington Joe does whatever Obama wants,” the second man agrees.

And then the strategy: “We better keep Joe Manchin right here in West Virgina,” decides the first guy.

“Away from Washington,” emphasizes the other.

The first man agrees. “It’s the only way we’re going to stop Obama,” he says.

The ad ends with this slogan: “A vote for Manchin is a vote for Obama.”

The NRSC previously used the Washington Joe/West Virgina Joe comparison in a radio ad.


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