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Coons 19 Points Ahead of O’Donnell


A new University of Delaware poll shows Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons backed by 49 percent of Delaware residents, giving him a 19-point lead over Republican Christine O’Donnell.

Thirteen percent of voters remain undecided.

The results also show that Coons is having more success attracting Republican voters than O’Donnell is having with Democrats. Twenty percent of those either registered or leaning Republican support Coons, while only seven percent of those registered or leaning Democrat support O’Donnell. For O’Donnell, attracting more Democratic voters is crucial: there are about 110,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Delaware, a huge difference in a state with 620,000 voters.

The poll was conducted between September 16 – 30, as the national media was buzzing over a series of controversial statements from O’Donnell’s past. O’Donnell’s first statewide TV ad, which seeks to re-introduce her to voters, began airing last night.


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