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Betty Sutton: Friend of the Teachers’ Unions


Politico has a story on how teachers’ unions are planning to sink gobs of money into various statewide races across the country. One afflicted district is OH-13, where Democrat Betty Sutton is running against Republican Tom Ganley:

Part of the NEA’s $15 million is also going to work in Ohio and North Carolina this week. The NEA Fund for Children & Public Education will start running TV ads this week in Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton’s Ohio district, just outside Cleveland. She received an “A” grade from the NEA and is facing auto dealer Tom Ganley in the Nov. 2 general election.[...]

“We’re selecting candidates who will be champions for public education and candidates who need our help most,” said Karen White, who heads NEA’s Campaigns and Elections Department. “We want to make sure we focus on folks who need the most help on the ground.”

Too bad Ganley’s so hung up with his sexual harassment lawsuit. This would be a great opportunity to point out the damage teachers’ unions have done to public education.


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