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New Coons TV Ad


In a new TV ad, Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons tells Delawareans that he knows how to create jobs.

Saying that he “spent eight years working with one of the most innovative companies in the world,” Coons asserts that he “knows what it takes to help businesses to create jobs.”

His plan? “We have to invest in education. We have to make the tax code more fair, more predictable for small business. We have to invest in training. And we have to stop subsidizing companies who ship American jobs overseas.”

Instead, Coon argues, “we should be doing more to invest in companies that invest in us. We should be doing more to invest in the infrastructure that makes America competitive.”

“If we don’t fight for this economy, fight for good jobs, we’re just giving up on the future,” he concludes.

In the statement accompanying the ad, Coons criticized Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell’s ad, saying that it “talks a little about who she is, a little about who she isn’t, and says absolutely nothing about what she would do if elected to the Senate.”

“There’s no talk about how she would help Delawareans get back to work, improve access to quality health care, or help working families afford a college education,” Coons added. “That’s just one of the many ways that I know — in spite of her ad’s ‘I’m you’ message — that she is definitely not me.”

The ad began airing last night.

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