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Franken Stumps for Coons


Minnesota senator Al Franken campaigned for Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons today, giving a speech described by the Associated Press as “part political pep talk and part standup comedy routine.”

Telling the audience that he had won by only 312 votes out of the 2.9 million cast in the 2008 Minnesota senate race, he emphasized the importance of voter turnout.

In a statement, Christine O’Donnell said that the issues facing Delawareans were “no laughing matter.” She also blasted Franken’s record, saying that “has voted consistently for the Democrats’ big-spending, job-killing agenda.”

“When he stands with Chris Coons today it’s a stark reminder that Coons wants to stand with Franken in Washington to raise your taxes,” O’Donnell added.

“Delawareans want more than a stand-up routine,” she concluded. “They want to hear about the issues I’ve been talking about: reducing the national debt, preventing tax increases and getting government out of the way of the private sector.”

Franken had previously penned a fundraising letter for Coons.

The most recent polls show Coons with a double digit lead over O’Donnell.


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