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Keystone Thursday Night Update


  • Karl Rove has put out a new map of the country’s senate races, and points out that for Republicans to take control of the upper chamber, they would need to sweep four toss-up races along with locking up other challenges like Pat Toomey’s bid in the Keystone State. A tall order.
  • In the latest Rasmussen poll, out today, Toomey maintains a ten point lead over Joe Sestak. Assuming this lead holds, it is likely to portend well for other Republicans on the ticket. Stay tuned for that wave.
  • Remember Juan Rodriguez, that guy who went streaking at President Obama’s “Moving America Forward” rally on Sunday? He was competing for a $1 million prize from a billionaire who wanted him to promote his website. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, he’ll have to settle for a lesser, undisclosed amount, since he never made it within earshot of the president. Glad this chapter in the race has come to a close.
  • Earlier this week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie came to Williamsport to endorse Tom Corbett in his race against Democrat Dan Onorato for the governor’s seat. Christie was received by a wildly enthusiastic crowd, including a woman who told Christie he was her “savior”. We’ll have more on Christie’s endorsement and what it means, but for now, here is Battle ‘10 video of his endorsement:
Congressional Races
  • Stu Rothenberg says “it’s desperation time on the campaign trail” in Pennsylvania. Rothenberg looks at two races, Kathy Dahlkemper’s fading re-election bid in the northwestern 3rd district, and Dee Adcock’s seemingly hopeless challenge to Allyson Schwartz in the Philadelphia-area’s 13th district. One step forward, one step back.
  • Lou Barletta, the third-time challenger of 73 year-old, 14 term Democrat Paul Kanjorski in the northeastern 11th district, has pledged to term-limit himself to no more than 5 terms — ten years — in Washington.
  • Mike Fitzpatrick delivered his stump speech to an audience of many hundreds last night at the Middletown Grange Fairgrounds in Bucks County. Video of Fitzpatrick’s remarks is below. He’s vying for the 8th district seat from Rep. Pat Murphy, a man with a profanity strategy. Battle ‘10 has more here and here.


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