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Mourning in Nevada


In Nevada today, the “Mourning in America” ad has begun running. That’s the ad, you may recall, sponsored by Citizens for the Republic, a group Ronald Reagan’s friends and allies.

In a press release issued today, the Citizens for the Republic comments: “Today, Nevada is reeling from the misguided policies pushed by Senator Harry Reid. Highest in the nation foreclosures. Highest in the nation unemployment. Highest in the nation bankruptcies. That’s the price Nevadans have paid for the failed leadership of Harry Reid. It’s our hope – and our belief – that Nevadans will see our ad and think anew about the consequences of Harry Reid’s failures.”

Citizens for the Republic reports a “significant statewide buy” for a week, beginning today. “If you watch Dancing with the Stars in Las Vegas or Reno on Monday night, you’ll see the ad,” Bill Pascoe, executive vice president of Citizens for the Republic tells Battle ‘10.

Fred Davis, who created the ad, commenting on the buy, says: “The country is mourning. … I think that applies in every state, even Nevada.” Davis credited fellow ad-maker Mark McKinnon with capturing the electoral mood this morning in adapting a line from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign: “Republicans are the change we’ve been waiting for.”

Is Reid to blame for the mourning? “As titular head of the Democratic party, next to Barack Obama,” Davis says, “he’s stuck with it.”

This, again, is the ad:

It, of course, is inspired by an earlier ad:
Correction: Citizens for the Republic was referred to as a PAC when this was first posted. Citizens for the Republic is not a PAC. It is a 501(c)(4). We apologize for the error.


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