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Cincinnati Public Schools Lawsuit Part of Systematic Month-long ‘Indoctrination’


Christopher Finney, the attorney responsible for the recent lawsuit alleging that Democratic operatives bused high-school students to a polling place, gave them only Democratic ballots, and then took them for ice cream, recently spoke to Battle ‘10 about the lawsuit over the phone. And according to Finney, Cincinnati’s public schools are only the tip of the iceberg.

“It was a concerted effort by DNC staffers to get them registered,” Finney told Battle ‘10. “We believe that because we have a Senate race that is Portman versus Fisher and a Governor’s race that is Kasich versus Strickland, and because of Chabot versus Driehaus, that the DNC specifically targeted Ohio and Cincinnati for this reason.”

Asked how he knew who had been responsible for the fraud, Finney told Battle ‘10 that two sources had identified the perpetrators as DNC staffers. “We have a staffer who’s stationed down in the Board of Elections every day who’s collecting signatures on a petition every day, and he personally witness the staffers coming in with Driehaus stickers and Democrat sample ballots,” Finney said. “[And] we got a call telling us that for about three to four weeks the Democrats have been doing this.”

Finney said he planned to pursue the subject and force the truth into the light using subpoenas and legal discovery. “We’re going to use the power of subpoena to find out the degree of Democratic interference in Ohio public elections,” Finney said.


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