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Ohio Tuesday Morning Buzz


One Week to the Election.

Gubernatorial Race

Despite narrowing the gap, Ted Strickland is still down 6 points according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, with his numbers still not moving. Kasich’s recent decision to shelter from the press might have something to do with it. Even so, his attack ads continue to be effective at hitting Strickland with his own words. And the fact that Ohio is “ground zero” for 2012 is certainly helping Kasich. In fact, he’s one of three candidates that Bloomberg says will make the map look like 1994 for Gubernatorial races. And despite Strickland’s class warfare-oriented attacks, Kasich is still ahead in small donation numbers.

House Races

There simply isn’t enough evidence of a Ganley comeback in OH-13 to justify continuing to cover it. Betty Sutton remains the odds-on favorite, though if polling can show differently, I’m all ears. This race is out.

There are two new ads in OH-18′s race between Democrat Zack Space and Republican Bob Gibbs. Space appears to be getting late-to-the-game support from organized labor as Space argues for alternative energy-based pork and Gibbs is taking an increasingly hard line on Obamacare.

Politifact is justifiably upset with Jim Renacci, Republican of OH-16, for overestimating the number of unemployed. It’s bad enough, Mr. Renacci, you don’t need to overstate it.

There’s a new ad in OH-6, between Democrat Charlie Wilson and Republican Bill Johnson, as the race looks increasingly like an upset.


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