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Highlights of Recent Fox Poll in Ohio Gubernatorial Race


Fox News has a new poll out showing John Kasich up 4 over Ted Strickland in Ohio’s Gubernatorial race, with the race currently at 47-43. It’s worth noting that while Kasich seems to be zig-zagging between the high 40′s and low 50′s, Strickland has still pretty much flatlined around 43 percent, on-average. Bad news for election night.

A few other data points of note: Kasich still has lower name ID than Strickland, given that he has favorable ratings of 43 percent and unfavorable ratings of 39 percent, whereas Strickland beats him on both, with 44 percent favorable ratings and 47 percent unfavorable ratings. This suggests that Kasich’s attacks have done more against the Governor than vice versa. Also worth noting – Obama is not a help in this state. Only 39 percent approve of the job he’s doing, compared with a whopping 53 percent who disapprove.

Meanwhile, close to 70 percent are at least dissatisfied with the Federal Government as a whole, with a plurality (36 percent) describing themselves as actively angry. Obamacare is a dud as well, with 48 percent saying it’s hurt the health care system, and 24 percent saying it’s made no difference at all. 52 percent of voters say Barack Obama’s policies will hurt the country in the long run, and a plurality of voters (47 percent) have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the Tea Party movement.

In other words, the inclinations of the electorate make this still Kasich’s race to lose.


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