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West Virginia Ad Wars


Republican senate candidate John Raese released a new TV ad yesterday, stressing again how he will not support Obama policy initiatives while in office.

“You’ve heard me say that I won’t be a rubber stamp for Barak Obama,” Raese begins. “That means, as a conservative businessman, I’ll be a check and balance to Obama’s policies. In the senate, I’ll fight to repeal Obamacare, stop its tax increases, and protect our seniors.”

“I will never support Obama’s cap-and-trade legislation,” he adds. “That will cripple our economy.”

The spot ends with a large group of different ages shouting that “John Raese will never be a rubber stamp for Barack Obama.”

Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin’s out with a new ad, too, that features him earnestly talking before a shifting West Virginia landscape.

“I’m as mad as you are with what’s going on in Washington,” he says. “Both Democrats and Republicans are dead wrong. They put their party first, personal agenda second, and our country last. And they want you to believe I’m going to be a rubber stamp for that? Not a chance.”

“That’s not how we’ve made things better in West Virginia,” Manchin continues. “Give me the chance to shake up Washington, just like I did here as governor. I approve this message because I’ve always put West Virginia first and I always will.”

The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee also released a new ad, slamming Raese for his Florida residence.

“Would John Raese represent West Virginia or Florida?” a narrator asks. “The Raeses have a mansion in Palm Beach. And signed an official form calling Florida their home. His wife even registered to vote there.”

“So maybe he should be Florida’s senator,” the narrator continues. “Because John Raese just doesn’t get us. Opposing the minimum wage. And siding with China on steel. That might be okay with the CEOs at the club in Florida, but around here, it’s just out of touch.”


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