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Tancredo Targets Hickenlooper on ‘Backwards Thinking’ Comment


The breaking video last week on Battle ‘10 that showed Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper lamenting the “backwards thinking” of rural Coloradans has made it’s way into an ad from the campaign of Tom Tancredo:

“When times are tough, Obama says we cling to our guns and our religion, then Hickenlooper insults us by saying that we’re backwards thinking and that the recession is in our minds. I’m fed up with elitist politicians who trash our values and jeopardize our economic future.”

The second quote in Tancredo’s opening comment comes from a radio interview earlier this year:

“A recession like this, really is driven by people’s mental state, right? When people become fearful — and you know I think both parites have a segment of their party, a portion of their party that is about fear, fearfulness, and a portion that’s about opportunity. And what we have to do is get people away from the fear and toward the opportunity.”

Tancredo has earned the endorsement of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who released a video this week in support.

A new independent group has released an ad in support of Tancredo that calls Republican Dan Maes a “con man”–not a conservative:


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