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Bennet on Obama: ‘Might Not Make it Helpful’ with Independents


The decision to not invite or not appear with President Barack Obama by Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign was the subject of a CNN interview that focused on the decided lack of appeal of the Democratic party leader to Colorado’s independents:

CNN’s JESSICA YELLIN: That’s right, Wolf. Keep in mind that President Obama was here to help Michael Bennett during the primary campaign and he did a telephone call right before the primary election. But he’s not been back. I asked Bennett why that’s the case? He said you know right now he’s trying to focus on the ‘disinformation out there.’ He’s trying to target Independents. And that’s part of the reason. Listen to this.

SEN. MICHAEL BENNET: The — personal reaction by the Independent voters that you’ve described based on a lot, uh… the political rhetoric that’s gone on back and forth might not make it helpful. I think the president should be in places around the country where it will be helpful. And we are running this race, uh… on the facts on the ground in Colorado, what people are really interested in working on.

YELLIN: Translation: President Obama’s not so popular among independents in this state. That is the key swing block Bennett has to win if he’s going to retain his seat. So he’s doing this one on his own.

Bennet has been running from Obama since his victory in the primary back in August. The Bennet campaign did hold an event with the more popular First Lady Michelle Obama less than two weeks ago, and followed that up with an early voting kickoff rally with former President Bill Clinton. Clinton had endorsed Bennet’s primary opponent.


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