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Breaking Early Voter Returns: Congressional District Breakdowns


One more set of data points–building on the earlier partisan voter heat map–that takes a look at voter turnout breakdown not by county, but by Congressional District.

The latest numbers show a sizeable advantage for Republicans in CO-3 (7,000 votes) and a commanding lead in CO-4 (12,000). Republican Scott Tipton is challenging three-term Democratic incumbent Rep. John Salazar in CO-3, while Republican Cory Gardner takes on freshman incumbent Democrat Rep. Betsy Markey in CO-4.

A recent poll from The Hill shows Tipton leading Salazar, 47 to 43, with a 15 percent advantage among independents.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already abandoned Markey, who faces a tough uphill climb against Gardner in the historically conservative 4th Congressional District.

That both parties are gearing up for recounts is no secret, given the competitive nature of the races. This is particularly true in CO-7, which was the closest Congressional race in 2002–decided by just over 100 votes. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, a two-term incumbent Democrat, faces black Republican Ryan Frazier. There is a narrow Democratic lead in early CO-7 returns as of October 27, just under 3,000 votes.

Here are the partisan breakdowns from October 27 for CO-3, CO-4, and CO-7–and the earlier numbers for all seven Congressional districts as of Monday, October 25:

October 27:

CD 7

REP–28,996 DEM–31,826 UAF–17,883

CD 3

REP–35,320 DEM–28,345 UAF–15,981

CD 4

REP–35,047 DEM–23,090 UAF–18,317

October 25:


Tot. 183,516    160,531    95,153

CD1  10,570    26,123    9,077

CD2  20,396    26,463    14,882

CD3   28,458    23,399    12,800

CD4  28,865    19,268    14,810

CD5  27,786    13,434    11,255

CD6  44,178    25,907    18,338

CD7  23,263    25,937    13,991


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