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Colorado Early Voter Heat Map


Political junkies love parsing polling numbers–and now that early vote returns are streaming in–digging deeper into the numbers to discern any meaningful pattern. From yesterday’s updated voter returns, a look at partisan voter turnout:

The GOP lead among “active” voters sits at 2.5 percent, and among registered voters is at 3.6 percent.

Democrats: 239950 (35.6%) vs. 10/25/10 159882 (36.0%)

Republicans: 280283 (41.5%) vs. 10/25/10 184982 (41.7%)

UAF: 150532 (22.3%) vs. 10/25/10 95926 (21.6%)

Total: 674864 (up from 443611)

All voter registration/status as of 10/01/10:

Dem “active”–-29.99% (239950/799981)

Dem registered–-22.36% (239950/1073165)

Repub “active”-–32.49% (280283/862575)

Repub registered–-25.97% (280283/1079411)

UAF “active”–-19.86% (150532/757935)

UAF registered–-13.62% (150532/1105522)

Using the county-by-county returns, here is a look at absolute vote leads in partisan terms–red indicates a Republican lead, while blue represents a Democratic lead:

Here is the same map with a “heat” intensity applied. Solid red or blue indicates a partisan advantage greater than 25 percent, middle hues indicate a lead of 10 to 25 percent, and the lightest pink or blue indicates a vote lead of less than 10 percent:

All calculations from the October 27 release from the Colorado Secretary of State:

Gen Turnout 10 27 2010


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