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Colorado: Friday Afternoon Senate Mega-Roundup


•Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” predicts a narrow victory for Buck.

•President Barack Obama’s under the radar tele-townhall was panned by Buck’s campaign:

“He has no trouble telling CNN Obama is not coming to help him while at the same time his campaign had to be making arrangements to bring the president in behind the backs of Colorado’s independent voters. President Obama said on the call that Michael Bennet has been critical to everything he has done. Colorado has never heard Bennet brag about that in this campaign,” said Buck adviser Walt Klein, whose wife was invited to listen to the call and recorded it.

“Bennet and Obama are both in such bad shape with the rest of Colorado they had to sneak the president in through the back door for his pep talk,” he continued. “I think it means Bennet is going down and he knows it.”

•Buck should be optimistic, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Take the Senate race in Colorado, where Republican challenger Ken Buck either holds a slim lead or is in a dead heat, depending on the survey. The fact that he is neck-and-neck with an incumbent, Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, actually is a reason for him to be optimistic, because of how undecided voters tend to break at the end. [...]

Why? Simply put, the rule of thumb is that incumbents get relatively few of the votes from those who say they are undecided on the eve of an election. So incumbents trailing at this late stage are in trouble. But so are incumbents with small leads or who are dead even in polls that put them only in the mid-40% range.

•Chuck Plunkett of the Denver Post added to the analysis, saying Bennet is “more on the ropes than he might seem.”

Politico’s read on the late-campaign leftwing quote recycling barrage on Buck:

You’ve got to hand it to Team Bennet. Through a barrage of e-mails to reporters and an assist from ThinkProgress, the Democratic incumbent’s campaign baited several news organizations into recycling a statement Ken Buck made during the GOP primary, where he cast doubt over “ the separation of church and state.” It earned so much play it almost seemed new. What’s really new: The GOP early vote advantage. Republicans are outnumbering Democrats at the ballot box by about 25,000 – a flip from 2008 turnout, reports the Denver Post.  Who Won Tuesday: Buck

The barrage against Ken Buck continued Wednesday with two new similar, cutting ads from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Both feature a parade of citizens repeating why they “just can’t” vote for the GOP nominee. The difference between them is a slight tweak in messaging: one appears tailored to women, who accuse him of wanting to scrap college loans and “make common forms of The Pill illegal.” Observes former GOP state representative Rob Witwer: “If Buck keeps his lead through Election Day, it will be despite one of the most intense and focused negative campaigns ever directed against a statewide candidate in Colorado.” CNN/Time has Buck holding on to the slimmest of advantages. Who Won Wednesday: Buck

The DSCC’s “just can’t” ads have pushed them over the $6 million mark in independent expenditures in Colorado this cycle.

•Bennet’s three daughters were featured in an ad profiled earlier this week, and now here’s Buck’s daughter to talk about her dad (Buck’s son Cody is at West Point), as candidates make their final pitch using their children:

•Bennet scrambles to add attack ad “truthiness” to campaign site:

A mid-debate promise by Sen. Michael Bennet has erupted into a minor, fairly geeky skirmish late this week, as the campaigns argue whether the Democrat followed through.

During the CBSNews4 debate Saturday night, moderators challenged Bennet on some of his campaign’s negative ads painting Republican Ken Buck as an extremist. Bennet defended the content of the ads and vowed to put up supporting facts on his web site.

While Buck toured the Eastern Plains Thursday, his home office checked up on the Bennet promise and found it wanting. “Ken Buck, Republican candidate for US Senate, today blasted appointed Senator Michael Bennet’s failure to keep his promise to provide support on his website for negative attacks he has launched against Buck. Bennet made the promise to provide facts on his negative ads during the final debate between the Colorado Senate candidates,” a Buck press release says.

At the time they sent the release, the Bennet material was hard to find at But campaign spokesman Trevor Kincaid noted that Bennet staffers stayed late after the debate compiling all the backup for their ads and posted it online early Sunday morning. The easy-to-find button for the “Bennet Adtruth” page was later moved in favor of get-out-the-vote news, but the links stayed up, Kincaid said. [...]

The Bennet links showcase documents produced by the campaign itself, said Buck spokesman Owen Loftus. Buck’s truth-telling web site showcases independent assessments by political fact-checkers, he said.

•The reason for the delay may have been all the time the Bennet campaign devoted to “Ken Buck’s House of Horrors”:

•The Bennet campaign is hoping for strong Election Day turnout.

•Colorado’s GLBT community praised Buck for hate crime prosecution in 2009.

•The Faith and Freedom Coalition pokes it’s head into the Senate race–and gets some pushback.

•Buck made an appearance on 850KOA’s “Colorado Morning News”–without prescribed questions.

•Colorado Springs Gazette: Buck right about global warming.

•Buck also received a boost from a well-known meteorologist and climate scientist from Colorado:

I have been appalled in recent years at how the Democratic Party has thrust politics into the purely scientific question of the extent to which humans are influencing climate. The Democratic Party has badly misled the American public on the danger of CO2 increase. CO2 increase is not the threat to society that the Democrats and the media have (for the past 20 years) portrayed it to be. Cutting CO2 will do very little to improve our environment. The numerical models on which the global warming scenarios are based are badly flawed.

I have studied meteorology-climatology for many years. I and many of my more experienced colleagues who have actually made real-time weather-climate forecasts do not believe that the climate alarmists are correct in their wild future global warming projections. It is unwise for Colorado to have both of its senators (Mark Udall and Michael Bennet?) able to rubber-stamp the Obama administration’s plan to force much more expensive renewable energy (costing roughly three to five times more than fossil fuel energy) upon our country. For our future economic benefit, Ken Buck and Cory Gardner would be the better choices.

Bill Gray,

professor emeritus,

Colorado State University,

Department of Atmospheric Science


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