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Trick or Cheat? Ballot Shenanigans in Colorado


“Voter enticement” has been charged in Weld County, as accusations crop up that Democratic operatives gave inaccurate information about ballot-return deadlines and offered to pay postage for ballots.

Potential voter fraud was averted by a judge’s ruling. He ruled that 6,000 vote registrations which were not confirmed, will be purged from voter rolls:

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled under Colorado’s 20-day rule.

In a decision issued Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that was requested by several labor and voting-rights groups.

When a new voter registers in Colorado, the secretary of state mails a nonforwardable notice of disposition that the voter’s registration has been received. If the notice comes back undeliverable in the mail, then clerks deem the voter’s registration inactive within 20 days.

Melody Mirbaba, an assistant attorney general, argued that the 20-day rule is designed to stop voter fraud and duplicate registrations.

James Finberg, an attorney representing voting and labor groups, said voters are harmed because sometimes the voter cards are returned through no fault of their own.

He said some voters have filled out their address incorrectly on forms; clerks sometimes make errors when inputting the new data; and postal workers also make mistakes in delivering the voter cards.

But Mirbaba argued that inactive voters can still show up at the polls and vote on a provisional ballot until their addresses can be verified.

“I am unable, based on the arguments made and the record before me, to conclude that Plaintiffs have made a strong, or even colorable, showing that the balance of harm weighs in favor of the interim relief requested,” Kane wrote in his decision.

Gateway Pundit reported that this problem was not confined to Colorado, and Michelle Malkin pointed to left-wing organizations as the source of the anomalous 6,000 voter registrations that were purged.


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