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Monday Early Voter Returns: GOP Lead Expands Again


The Colorado Secretary of State has yet another batch of early voting totals–stay tuned as we crunch numbers.

Republicans have a 61,530 partisan vote lead going into Election Day.

DEMOCRATS: 383925 (35.1%)

REPUBLICANS: 445445 (40.7%)

UNAFFILIATEDS: 257645 (23.6%)

TOTAL: 1093600

All voter registration/status as of 10/01/10:

Dem “active”–47.99% (383925/799981)

Dem registered–35.78% (383925/1073165)

Repub “active”–51.64% (445445/862575)

Repub registered–41.27% (445445/1079411)

UAF “active”–33.99% (257645/757935)

UAF registered–23.30% (257645/1105522)

Total vote percentage of “active”–44.86% (1093600/2437772)

Total vote percentage of registered–33.31% (1093600/3282855)

Battleground counties:

Statewide partisan vote lead:

Gen Turnout 11 01 2010


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