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Fiorina Concedes


Republican senate candidate Carly Fiorina just delivered her concession speech, speaking about the conservative values she had run and giving a warm-hearted account of the campaign.

“This morning, the outcome is clear,” Fiorina said, acknowledging her refusal to concede last night, when the major networks had called the state for Boxer but the votes remained close. “We won with the independents, but in the end we could not overcome the registration advantage the Democrats have.”

Fiorina spoke almost nostalgically about the campaign she had run, calling it a “great adventure [and] great privilege.” Talking about the Californians she had met on the trail, she said, “I have been touched by every one of them.”

“I would not trade a single moment,” she said.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer won 52 percent of the vote to Fiorina’s 43 percent.


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