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Former ACORN Boss Takes Plea Deal for 2008 Misconduct in Nevada


Former ACORN supervisor Amy Busefink has opted to plead guilty to a pair of gross misdemeanors rather than face 13 felony counts for her role in paying people to register voters. Busefink will be sentenced on January 10. Prosecutors said Monday they will not seek a prison term, but the judge may order one if he sees fit.

Busefink, a Las Vegas field operative who ran an illegal voter registration program in 2008, paid a $5 bonus to canvassers who registered 21 or more voters in a day. In addition, ACORN terminated people who failed to make a quota.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Conrad Hafen said Busefink will probably have to pay a fine and do 100 hours of community service.

ACORN still faces a November 29 trial on 13 counts of compensation for registration of voters, the same charges Busefink and another employee faced. While ACORN no longer exists and is in bankruptcy, the organization faces fines up to $65,000.


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