New ABA Coloring Book!

by Ed Whelan

I’m always eager to find an opportunity to say something positive or even neutral about the ABA, so I was hoping that the new second edition of the ABA’s Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book might deserve the same favorable (okay, perhaps not really) mention that I gave the first edition three years ago.  Alas, the coloring book’s webpage appears to engage in false advertising:  Although it claims that the book has illustrations of “all current sitting justices,” its boldfaced claim that the book has been “updated to include Justice Sotamayor! [sic]” and the book’s May 2010 publication date strongly indicate that the book does not include an illustration of Justice Kagan.  Further, the fact that the webpage misspells Justice Sotomayor’s name (on one of two occasions) reinforces my doubts that anything from the ABA might have sound educational value.

I will note, though, that the coloring book has received a hearty endorsement from Ted Olson.

(H/t SCOTUSblog.)

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