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Ramesh Ponnuru on Linda Greenhouse on Roe v. Wade


On The Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru counters two myths that former New York Times reporter Linda Greenhouse continues to spread about Roe v. Wade—namely, (1) that abortion supposedly was not a crime at the nation’s founding, and (2) that “as many as two million illegal abortions a year” (in the reporter’s paraphrase) occurred in this country just before Roe.

Greenhouse made her comments in a speech at Radcliffe—the same venue, incidentally, as her notorious rant four years ago that resulted in her first public scolding from NYT’s public editor. One might have hoped that a Radcliffe audience would have been sharp enough to question the implicit proposition that Roe somehow led to an immediate sharp reduction in the number of abortions. But it’s a safe bet that most of the audience had its ideological blinders on.


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