by Ed Whelan

D.C. lawyer Adam J. White, who at the outset of 2011 passed along his observations on the official portrait of William F. Buckley’s brother, senior D.C. Circuit judge (and former U.S. senator) James L. Buckley, closes the year by passing along a note applauding John J. Miller’s recent excellent interview with Judge Buckley.  Miller’s interview was occasioned by Buckley’s new book, Freedom at Risk; the interview includes Buckley’s sound observations on the proper role of judicial philosophy in the Senate’s confirmation process. 

For NRO readers interested in learning more about Judge Buckley’s singular career, Adam offers three more recommendations: Buckley’s autobiography, Gleanings from an Unplanned Life, reviewed by National Review here; Times 1970 profile of then-Senator-elect Buckley; and, for those with an abundance of time on their hands, Buckley’s transcribed interviews for the D.C. Circuit Historical Society’s Oral History Project.

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