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Re: Common Cause’s Baseless Accusations


As a follow-up to Gary Marx’s and Bradley Smith’s fine critiques last week of Common Cause’s bizarre and baseless request that the Department of Justice investigate Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas for taking part in the Citizens United campaign-finance case, I call attention to this excellent op-ed by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey in today’s Wall Street Journal. An excerpt:

Common Cause’s letter to the Justice Department is just the latest salvo in a long campaign by left-wing groups to intimidate conservative judges, academics and activists. For years, groups like Common Cause have assailed nonprofits that provide judges, lawyers and students with education in economics, law and American history. They have pushed for onerous disclosure regulations and even proscriptions against judges attending conferences sponsored by groups with corporate donors. The goal, of course, is to restore the monopoly on such educational forums to the law schools and the more reliably left-leaning American Bar Association.


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