Supreme Court Approval Ratings Improve After Obamacare Hearings

by Ammon Simon

Part of the Left’s media spin about Obamacare is that striking down any part of the reform would do great damage to the Supreme Court’s public image.  

After the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on this topic, which Jeffrey Toobin famously called a “train wreck” for Obamacare supporters, you would expect that the supposed public disdain for any Court opposition to Obamacare would manifest itself in lower Supreme Court approval ratings. Rasmussen released a poll yesterday that demonstrates the opposite. The poll shows that before the Obamacare oral arguments, 28 percent gave the Supreme Court good or excellent ratings, an all time low. After the hearings, 41 percent gave the Supreme Court good or excellent ratings, the highest ratings since 2009.  

The poll does admittedly say that it is “impossible to know if the improved perceptions of the court came from the hearings themselves.” However, if striking down any of Obamacare was truly going to do significant damage to the Court’s image, one would expect the damage to have already manifested itself, and it most certainly has not.  

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