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Governor Christie’s Second New Jersey Supreme Court Nominee in Trouble


Governor Chris Christie’s third supreme court nominee, Bruce Harris, will face the New Jersey senate in his confirmation hearings later this month. But smooth sailing is not expected. The Star-Ledger reports:

The nomination of Mayor Bruce Harris of Chatham Borough to the state Supreme Court appears doomed because he does not have enough votes to clear the Senate Judiciary Committee next Thursday, sources familiar with the panel’s deliberations told The Star-Ledgertoday.

Without the support of the committee, which is controlled by Democrats, the 61-year-old Harris would be the second of Gov. Chris Christie’s Supreme Court nominees to be rejected this year. Harris, a Republican, is the first openly gay man to be nominated to the state’s highest court.

As I explained in this post several weeks ago, Harris’s nomination is opposed by a number of conservative organizations and leaders who do not believe he has the right experience, record, or judicial philosophy.  


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