No Ruling in Obamacare Cases Today

by Ed Whelan

No surprise there. I’d put it at greater than 95% that the decision in the Obamacare cases will be issued next week, on whatever the final day of the Court’s term turns out to be—probably Wednesday, June 27, or (my guess) Thursday, June 28.

Four rulings today, three in fairly obscure cases and this divided Confrontation Clause ruling in Williams v. Illinois, in which, in an unusual alignment, Justice Alito (joined by the Chief, Kennedy, and Breyer) wrote the plurality opinion, Justice Thomas wrote an opinion concurring in the judgment, and Justice Kagan (joined by Scalia, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor) dissented.

Additional opinions expected on Thursday.

H/t SCOTUSblog (on which I, like so many others, often rely for the quickest work on, and links to, what the Court has done).

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