Big Win in Kansas

by Ammon Simon

I’ve previously written about the battle for control of the Kansas state senate, a battle with significant implications for the future of several initiatives of interest to the conservative legal movement.  I’m happy to report that conservatives exceeded expectations in Tuesday’s primaries, giving Governor Brownback solid conservative majorities to work with in both houses of the legislature. The AP has more

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback awoke Wednesday with a majority in the state Senate all but guaranteed for his fellow conservative Republicans to help him pursue new limits on annual government spending, further cuts in income taxes and greater influence over who sits on the state’s appellate courts.

Conservatives scored big in the Kansas GOP primaries, shattering a bipartisan coalition that had slowed or blocked fiscal and social policy initiatives from the political right. Voters tossed out seven moderate GOP senators, and an eighth, Senate President Steve Morris of Hugoton, trailed enough in final results that he’s likely to lose as well.

Congratulations to Governor Brownback, the winning candidates, and the coalition of individuals and organizations that made the conservative victory possible.

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