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Scalia’s Unsent E-Mails to Posner


At Concurring Opinions, Kyle Graham retrieves—okay, invents—some recent unsent e-mails from Justice Scalia to Judge Posner. (H/t How Appealing.) My favorite:

Dear Dick:

I just finished reading your review of Reading Law in The New Republic. I understand, from your review, that you had some difficulties grasping the arguments that we made in the book. Perhaps the problem was one of translation. Let me offer my response in language that I suspect that you will understand a little better: Your Review = (Words x Formatting) – Coherence – Persuasiveness = Breaking the Deadlock: The 2000 Presidential Election and the Courts + Uncertain Shield: The U.S. Intelligence System in the Throes of Reform + Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency + Countering Terrorism: Blurred Focus, Halting Steps.

Please let me know if I might be of assistance in helping you decode my future works, possibly by revising the text to put it in X-axis/Y-axis graph form.


Antonin Scalia


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