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No One Benefits from Law-School Uniformity


In yesterday’s Washington Times, Joel Alicea, who will graduate any day now from Harvard Law School, comments on the deadening effect of left-wing orthodoxy in America’s law schools.  Yes, there is a problem for conservative students at most schools, who must endure being marginalized and even demonized rather than given a fair hearing.  But even liberal students do not benefit from the lockstep liberalism of most law-school faculties:

It is the predominantly liberal student body at elite law schools that is most harmed by the dearth of conservative voices. Many of these students graduate from law school without having encountered a cogent articulation of conservative views in the classroom, without having had their own ideas subjected to rigorous examination and debate.

As a result, these liberal students do not truly know why they hold the beliefs that they do, and they have little understanding of what a great proportion of their fellow citizens believe. For a group of students aspiring to be our nation’s leaders, that is serious indeed, and for a country likely to be led by such students, it presents an important problem.

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