Eight is Enough?

by Carrie Severino
My colleague Ammon has already addressed some of the dishonest claims President Obama made during his speech announcing his three nominees to the D.C. Circuit. But I don’t think anyone has addressed this particular quote:

OBAMA: When a Republican was president, 11 judges on the D.C. Circuit Court made complete sense. Now that a Democrat is president, it apparently doesn’t. Eight is suddenly enough.


OBAMA: People are laughing because it’s obviously a blatant political move.

Of course it is possible that the laughter was simply sycophantic. But it’s significantly more likely that the audience was laughing because the president referenced the 80s TV show, Eight is Enough. (He made the same reference during his 2008 campaign.) Or perhaps they were laughing because they knew that President Obama had conveniently omitted the fact that, in 2006, every Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, including now Vice President Biden, signed a letter arguing that the D.C. Circuit did not need 11 seats.

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