Re: The American Constitution Society’s Purge?

by Ed Whelan

In response to my post raising concerns about material disappearing from the American Constitution’s website, an ACS blogger has attributed the problem to a 2010 revamping of the ACS website and has kindly promised that ACS will “make progress quickly on providing access to all our archived video.” Indeed, ACS has already posted the missing video of Pamela Karlan’s 2006 speech (I had inferred that a transcript was also missing, but I now gather that there may never have been a transcript) as well as of one of Cornelia Pillard’s events (not the one I had tried to find, but I trust that videos of all of her events will be up soon).

My own tech expert isn’t fully satisfied with the explanation, but I’m pleased to take ACS’s actions and promises as strong signs of good faith.

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