Senator Cornyn on the D.C. Circuit

by Ammon Simon

Senator Cornyn has an op-ed on urging Republicans to use the upcoming battle over the D.C. Circuit as a unifying event:

In recent weeks, the national media have been obsessed with highlighting divisions and disagreements among Republicans on Capitol Hill. It’s time for GOP lawmakers to remind the American people of what unites us. . . .

Republicans should remain united in blocking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attempt to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is America’s second-most-influential judicial body.

Senator Reid has made no secret of his intent: Over the summer, he told Nevada Public Radio that Democrats were hoping to “switch the majority” on the D.C. Circuit to make it a rubberstamp for big-government liberalism. Republicans have objected to this power grab, and we should continue to do so.

Based on its caseload, the D.C. Circuit simply does not need more judges at the present time.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of appellate courts that are overburdened and do need more judges. Our priority should be to fill those vacancies, not to let Harry Reid stack a single court.

Coverage of this issue will pick up over the next few weeks, and I expect Senator Reid and the Obama administration to use every bit of leverage to inaccurately portray Republicans as obstructionists. I am glad to see Senator Cornyn urging Republicans of all stripes to row in the same direction on this, because the Democrats and their liberal allies are fully committed to turning this important court into a rubber stamp.

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