Every Single One, Senator Landrieu Edition

by Carrie Severino

Senators such as Mary Landrieu  and Mark Pryor like to pretend they are right-leaning Democrats when they are back home, but then confirm judicial nominees who serve as their proxy votes in the federal courts where most of our nation’s most significant public-policy debates are being settled.  If Senators Landrieu or Pryor were to vote the way President Obama’s judges have — against an individual right to bear arms, in favor a national right to same-sex marriage, for more and more power for unaccountable regulatory agencies like the EPA — they would be looking for new careers. Yet very little has been said about the fact that their support for judicial nominees who’ll vote like that might be even more meaningful.

My organization, the Judicial Crisis Network, seeks to change that.  Today we launched a television ad campaign in Louisiana, drawing attention to the fact that Senator Landrieu has never voted against one of President Obama’s nominees to federal court. Last month we ran a similar ad in Arkansas, drawing attention to Senator Pryor’s record. The way things are going, we might need to do the same in Alaska, where Senators Begich and Murkowski have also served as unqualified rubber stamps for Obama’s far-left judicial nominees. Here’s the Senator Landrieu ad:

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