Senator Landrieu’s Deception

by Carrie Severino

Senator Landrieu has decided to ratchet up her deception of Louisiana voters by lying about my organization’s ad exposing her. She calls it “blatantly false,” but never identifies a single factual error. Instead she tries to change the subject.

Landrieu pointed out that some of the judges she voted for received bipartisan support and others never won confirmation. Unfortunately, that does nothing to contest the basic factual claim of the ad: that she has voted for every one of the president’s nominees. 

Landrieu also seems to think her actions were less problematic because two of the nominees mentioned in the ads — Caitlin Halligan and Goodwin Liu — weren’t ultimately confirmed. But, as the linked roll-call votes indicate, she still did support them, despite their radical backgrounds.

She also suggests she should get a pass for her votes because back in 2005 she was part of the Gang of 14, a bipartisan group that brokered a deal to get some of President Bush’s judicial nominees confirmed. But Landrieu conveniently omits the fact that she had been part of the problem: She voted to filibuster all five of the nominees the Gang of 14 ultimately agreed to confirm, along with five other nominees who weren’t so lucky.

Senator Landrieu may want to present herself as a moderate back home in Louisiana, but when it comes to judges, there’s no daylight between her and President Obama.  

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