Religious Liberty in Black and White—and Gray

by Ed Whelan

As Ryan Anderson nicely explains (contrary to some views expressed on the Corner), the question whether the Salt Lake City police officer should have been punished for asking not to ride at the head of the Utah Pride parade is not the same as the question whether the parade deserved police protection.  

Let me add, as someone who especially enjoys Charlie Cooke’s prolific writing (and tweeting), that his proposition that “If your salary is paid for by taxpayers, you don’t get to decide for which of them you will work” is frighteningly overbroad. If that proposition were correct, for example, a doctor employed by the government could be compelled, against his religious or moral scruples (or at the risk of his job), to do abortions. That is not the system we live in, and I sure hope that it’s not the system we are descending—oops, “progressing”—towards.

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