Tonight’s Vote on Fourth Circuit Nominee Pamela Harris

by Jonathan Keim

At 5:30 tonight, the Senate will vote on Pamela Harris’s nomination for a life appointment to the increasingly-pivotal court of appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

As you may remember, Harris is the judicial nominee who thinks the Warren Court wasn’t liberal enough, that the Constitution gets its meaning “from what comes after” its enactment, and who thinks that Supreme Court justices should shift their legal views with the tides of public opinion.

With such a self-serving judicial philosophy, it’s no surprise that Harris’s views on the constitutional status of abortion range somewhere between “hard-Left” and “radical.”

Although lots of senators talk a big game on their respect for the Constitution and their opposition to key Obama administration policies on abortion, guns, energy, and much more, this vote will tell us whether or not they are serious. If you can’t vote against a lifetime judicial appointment for someone who has no idea how the Constitution is supposed to work, how can you claim to be supporting and defending the real Constitution?

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