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Liu Did Submit Link to Reparations Video


Correction:  Jonathan Singer has now provided intelligible evidence that Goodwin Liu, in an appendix to his initial questionnaire response, did indeed submit a link to an online video of his highly controversial comments on reparations for slavery.  (As Singer points out, the video link isn’t operative, but I don’t hold Liu accountable for that.)

I apologize to Liu, Singer, and readers for my error.  I will undertake over the next day or so to make corrections to my underlying posts that contain the error.

I will also note that the original title of this post, reflecting my misunderstanding at the time, was “Liu’s Fantasist Defender.”  I don’t know how to do strikethroughs on the title, so I’ve just changed it to fit my correction.

Jonathan Singer of now claims that Ninth Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu included in attachments to his initial questionnaire response a link to the online video of his highly controversial comments on reparations for slavery.  I confess that I can’t make heads or tails of Singer’s supposed evidence.  But I have checked with a Judiciary Committee staffer, who assures me that Singer has it wrong (as usual).

As I made clear in my post linked above, Liu did identify the event in his initial questionnaire response, but he did not provide a link to the video or any other record of his remarks (either in the initial response or in any attachments submitted along with it).  Here’s Liu’s full entry on the event:

May 6, 2008:  Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media, Washington, D.C.  I spoke on a panel discussing the documentary film Traces of the Trade.

Quite revealing, isn’t it?

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