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Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Boalt Events


I have a flurry of events at law schools over the coming week, each sponsored by the law school’s chapter of the Federalist Society.

On Thursday, October 15, at 4:30, I’ll be at Northwestern law school to discuss lessons from the Sotomayor confirmation process. 

On Friday, October 16, at 12:30, I’ll discuss the same topic at Notre Dame law school (Eck Hall of Law, room 3130).  Notre Dame law professor Mark McKenna will offer his commentary.

On Monday, October 19, at 12:35, I’ll be at Stanford law school to debate the topic of judicial activism with Tom Goldstein (who, in addition to his Supreme Court practice and his work at SCOTUSblog, teaches Supreme Court litigation at Stanford). 

On Tuesday, October 20, at 12:45, I’ll discuss lessons from the Sotomayor confirmation process at Boalt law school (UC Berkeley).  I’ll be on a panel with Boalt law professors Jesse Choper and Melissa Murray.

During the intervening weekend, I’m looking forward to attending the USC-Notre Dame game in South Bend.

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