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Shameless Self Promotion


I will be joining Ken Boehm, Ted Frank, and moderator Quin Hillyer on a panel for the Capitol Hill Chapter of the Federalist Society at 12:30 pm today to discuss the topic of “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied.”  This lively talk will include discussion of cases such as Marshall v. Marshall (the Anna Nicole Smith bankruptcy-as-an-end-run-around-probate-case), Caperton v. Massey Coal (the recent case finding a potential Due Process injury when a judge sitting on a case putatively benefited from independent expenditures made against his judicial opponent), and District Attorney’s Office v. Osborne (last week’s SCOTUS opinion finding no constitutional right to obtain access to a state’s evidence for post-conviction DNA testing).  For those in the DC area, the price is right for this event—free—and lunch is provided.  Those interested in attending should rsvp here.


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